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This is what’s cooking today! Just from posting my first few entries, an amazing thing has happened: I’m trying out recipes. One of my first readers (Thank you, Beth!) hooked me up with an amazing network, which I will chat about with you all in a later post. Through some digging, and a little side googling, some recipes have been hitting M*’s plate. I’m on a mission to get him to eat better breakfasts than just an apple and a cup of milk. He is kind of a picky eater, but I have been taking the easy way out and just offering the whole versions of foods, instead of breads and things like that. We shall see what happens. If he likes this, there is a fabulous looking waffle recipe that I really want to try out.

Amazing banana bread recipe (gluten-free, egg-free, sugar-free, dairy-free).
The biggest challenge for me with egg, milk and wheat allergies has been finding baking recipes that produce a tender, yummy version of the desserts people take for granted. I’m hoping to perfect a homemade cookie by the time M* goes to pre-k so that he can enjoy cookies when his classmates do, or perhaps bring them in as a snack to share.



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  1. With so many of us being foodies, why not list the ‘typical’ baking ingredients HOSS cannot have? I’ll happily spend a weekend testing out new cookie or bread recipes that he can have. Can he have egg whites, or no eggs in general? What about egg substitute? Baking is a passion of mine (though I don’t eat it) and I’m sure there are ways to modify the moisture content without using things the BIG GUY can’t eat. What flours can he have? I have some hippie-crap flour in my cupboards now. I wonder if that’ll work…..

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